Pricing Component

import { PricingCard } from 'react-native-elements'

  info={['1 User', 'Basic Support', 'All Core Features']}
  button={{ title: 'GET STARTED', icon: 'flight-takeoff' }}

PricingCard props

prop default type description
title none string title (required)
price none string price (required)
color none string color scheme for button & title (required)
info none array of strings pricing information (optional)
button none object {title, icon, buttonStyle} button information (required)
onButtonPress none any function to be run when button is pressed
containerStyle inherited styling object (style) outer component styling (optional)
wrapperStyle inherited styling object (style) inner wrapper component styling (optional)
titleFont System font (font weight 800) (iOS), Sans Serif Black (android) string specify title font family
pricingFont System font (font weight 700) (iOS), Sans Serif Bold (android) string specify pricing font family
infoFont System font bold (iOS), Sans Serif Bold (android) string specify pricing information font family
buttonFont System font (iOS), Sans Serif (android) string specify button font family