Card Component

const users = [
    name: 'brynn',
    avatar: ''
 ... // more users here

import { View, Text, Image } from 'react-native'
import { Card, ListItem, Button } from 'react-native-elements'

// implemented without image with header
<Card title="CARD WITH DIVIDER">
  {, i) => {
      return (
        <View key={i} style={styles.user}>
            source={{ uri: u.avatar }}
          <Text style={}>{}</Text>

// implemented without image without header, using ListItem component
 <Card containerStyle={{padding: 0}} >
  {, i) => {
      return (

// implemented with Text and Button as children
  title='HELLO WORLD'
  <Text style={{marginBottom: 10}}>
    The idea with React Native Elements is more about component structure than actual design.
    icon={{name: 'code'}}
    buttonStyle={{borderRadius: 0, marginLeft: 0, marginRight: 0, marginBottom: 0}}
    title='VIEW NOW' />

Card props

prop default type description
flexDirection column string flex direction (row or column) (optional)
containerStyle none object (style) outer container style (optional)
wrapperStyle none object (style) inner container style (optional)
title none string optional card title (optional)
titleStyle none object (style) additional title styling (if title provided) (optional)
titleNumberOfLines none number number of lines for title (optional)
featuredTitle none string title rendered over the image (only works if image prop is present)
featuredTitleStyle none object (style) styling for featured title
featuredSubtitle none string subtitle rendered over the image (only works if image prop is present)
featuredSubtitleStyle none object (style) styling for featured subtitle
dividerStyle none object (style) additional divider styling (if title provided) (optional)
fontFamily System font bold (iOS), Sans Serif Bold (android) string specify different font family
imageStyle inherited styling object(style) specify image styling if image is provided
imageProps none object (ImageProperties) optional properties to pass to the image if provided e.g "resizeMode"
imageWrapperStyle none object(style) specify styling for view surrounding image
image none image uri or require path add an image as the heading with the image prop (optional)